How do we move the Jack Up around to its location. If its a long move we transport it Piggy Back on a barge or Floater which is capable of
self submerging. The Jack Up which is in a Floating Mode is floated over the Self Submerging Floater. The Floater is the debalisteded and
rises up with the Jack Up on its Deck above Water. It then transports the Jack up to a sheltered location adjacent the Drilling Site. Once
Floating its is tug towed to its working location where it is Jacked Up into its Operational Position.
Embla was a typical small well head platform. Water Depth is 75 metres so the Maersk Gaurdian, the Jack Up sited to be used for Embla
was a suitable selection. The Jack up can be used in water depths twice that of Embla. The Drilling concepts for a Jack Up skid over is
that before the Platform is installed through template drilling may be carried out. Once jacket and platform are installed the Jack Up can
come in and skid over to complete more ho[es using the alignment of slots in the original sub sea template. Work over on holes can be
accomplished by landing units on the top deck and removing the required drill slot cover.
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These Diagrams, Plan and Elevation illustrate the Maersk Gaurdian, the Jack Up sited to be used for Embla. The Jack Up is positioned
adjacent to the platform and the Drilling Rig is skidded over the platform, ( some skid to a cut out). The Jack Up sits over the Platforms Dry
Tree Hall. A series of Deck Covers are over each drilling slot. To drill at a slot the deck cover is removed. On completion of the Drillied
Hole a Dry Tree is Hooked Up. This has the advantage over a SubSea Tree in that the trees can be easily serviced in Dry conditions. Tree
service and work over can all be assisted by the Platform Crane
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