Vesslefrikk Field Development was based on a Semi Sub Floater Production
anchored nearby a Drilling Platform. The pictures show the core production
Process Units on the Semisub and the adjacent Drilling on the Drilling
Platform. For various reasons there was minimumum modularisation of units,
most were constructed piece small, stick. The main reason for this was that
the manufacture and assembly was undertaken in a reasonably developed
concentrated area. Other projects would have seen the process module
modularise to be placed on the Semi Subs deck and the Drilling Platform as
one piece (module) for manufacture and installation. Once the Drilling
Platform/Module is placed on its jacket a Programme of field drilling can go
on independant of the Process Platform. Drilling is undertaken through a
template and out reach wells can be Dirsctionally Drilled to exploit the Fields
Reserves. The Figure explains how these areas are explored from one
central position. Another alternative is inclined drilling to explore outreach
areas. Lastly wells can be explored from outer locations and via a subsea
manifold piped back to a jacket such as Veslefrikk to be brought to the
surface. Drilling Modules or Platforms, although broadly described as
Modules are also usually discrete ie designed for a specific mode of
operation, depth of water, product flows, gathering a series of risers,
collectiong incoming sub sea pipelines etc
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The outline of the Vesslefrikk Concept is shown. The Drilling Jacket is the connection to the resrvoirs, Drilling could commence before the
arrival of the Semi Sub. So too could the Hook Up of the Infield Connection to the SALM used as the Export Terminal. The Drilling Topsides
were installed on the Jacket as a one piece Module less the Drilling Derrick installed afterwards. The Semi Sub was an existing Hull towed to
the conversion yard. Whilst at the Conversion Yard the Onboard Equipment was installed as Packages with interconnection Hook Up. Once
converted the Semi Sub was moved to the Vesslefrikk Field where it was moored alongside the Drilling Jacket. The interconnecting Hoses
were then Hooked Up.
a general understanding of Modules 
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