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This page shows arrangements of Power Generation for Khuffe and Clair. These examples are ones where a smaller range of
machine needed to be selected because of weight and size limitations of the Platform. The Platforms themselves had limited
demands compared to some larger platforms where extended processing increases power requirements (see Kristin, Magnus
etc). Both Platforms are fixed structures and the machines do not have to contend with any impact from sea motions as if they
were on a floating structure. There are thus no limitations as to where the machines may be positioned to minimise movement
although hazard restraints affecting layout must still be followed.
The first example is Clair, here the
FEED was conducted in Houston at
Mustang following GOM principles and
favouring local source and experience
(US, supply Solar, Engineering
Houston). In this plan view you can
see very conventional Module
Packages sited in a near safe area
adjacent the Accommodation
The second example is Khuffe, looking for a
10 mW Power Generation Package. The
manufacturer of choice was Rolls Royce,
(machines of this brand operated by owner,
service agreements already set up). The
design requirement required a detailed
assessment of weight (due to Topsides Limits)
to secure the power without weight penalty.
No existing Module Design existed so rather
than securing an existing of the shelf Module,
FEED design was necessary to establish cost
and weight of such a 10 mW machine
incorporated into a Module. These sheets
elaborate the review of weight, size that was
necessary. Much of the weight reduction was
achieved because this (and Clair) is/are fixed
platforms and the results of Magnus Design
were avoided to minimise steel in Jacket and
This Diagram also from Khuffe, shows the
pakaged GT in a Module it also illustrates the
Power Control System each machine has. In
any power generation arrangement there must
be a Power Control System. This system must
control voltage, frequency also if more than
one machine are in parallel that the outputs
match up. Often there is a need to convert AC
to DC, full wave, half wave rectification etc. As
much deliberation is given to drivers and
generators must also be given to their control
and the electrical system contol. .
a general understanding of Modules 
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Rolls Package GA
Rolls Package GA
Gasturbine Module Package
Gasturbine Module Package
 Clair Deck Plan
Clair Deck Plan
Khuffe Power System draft
Khuffe Power System draft